Cerulean Serpent
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Artificer of Enchanted Objects

Salutations Fellow Aficionados of Occult Pursuits! Here at Cerulean Serpent we practice balancing the art of creative terrestrial magic with the science of celestial magic. We value human relationships over the modern obsession with space-time and the rabid consumption of info-tainment-techno-lust-products. We have developed metaphysical tools that are affordably hand-crafted and also highly functional works of art.  By our reverence for and recapitulation of Nature's glorious ways we allow the impossible to descend upon us like honey from the stars. 


Synesthesiologist of Sublime Scents

What greater magic exists than closing your eyes, inhaling deeply, and letting your olfactory sense transport you instantly to another time, another place, or another state of being?  Here at Cerulean Serpent we believe that our sense of smell is the key to unlocking hidden modalities of magic, healing, learning, and growth.  It is one of the most ancient ways we have of perceiving the world around us and as such creates a secret pathway from the macrocosm without to the microcosm within.  Find your keys to this road with the magic of perfume.







Why leave it up to fate?  For those that dare the threads of life's tapestry are not only easily discerned and followed, but also re-woven and coaxed into alignment with one's deepest desires.  As those who have often thus tread it is our deepest pleasure to enkindle in you this same power of self-reflection and reality selection. Guidance, healing, and ritual actions are all available for those that would choose their own adventure.