Bespoke Enchanted Bracelet

Bespoke Enchanted Bracelet


This listing is for a hand crafted bespoke enchanted bracelet. 

Focal pieces can be sourced from antler, bone, wood, or other natural materials. These components can be left natural or dyed using natural dyes such as indigo (blue), alkanet (purple), tumeric (golden yellow), and cochineal (reds). These components can then be further customized by either etching or burning magical symbols of your choosing.  If you do not have a specific symbol in mind, I can custom make a sigil for you based on your intent for the piece.

Hand crafted wooden beads from sacred trees are also available. I have relationships with Hawthorne, Madrona, and Elder trees that I harvest wood from in a reverent and respectful manner. These branches are cut, sanded, and drilled by hand. They can be left natural or dyed using the methods mentioned above.

Crystal beads and other natural materials can be chosen per your aesthetic and metaphysical preferences. The components will be strung on silk and fixed using silver, copper, and gold components.

All dyed components are sealed with an unguent of my own composition that includes beeswax and my personally created Abramelin Oil. Pieces are enchanted during assembly with an intent of your choice. All pieces are given a final cleansing, blessing, and consecration after completion.

I am also thrilled to incorporate personal power objects that you supply into your custom piece. Please contact me with your ideas, I welcome your creativity to dance with mine.  Pieces typically take between 1-2 weeks for construction and consecration.

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