I offer here an oracular service to give you insight into the intuitive conundrums of everyday life. My method of divination is one of my own invention, drawing influence from traditional tarot, afro-caribbean divination, Feri Witchcraft, Chaos Magic, Discordianism, Gnosticism, and Hermeticism. 

The spread uses three cards from Antero Alli's Vertical Oracle (http://www.verticalpool.com/oracle.html) as well as a personal collection of magical items that represent such things as intellect versus creativity, magical practice, manifestation, boundaries and priorities, celestial versus terrestrial influences, and of course, levity!

Upon receipt of payment you will receive instructions for sending me your contact information. Once I receive your information I will respond within 48 hours with a high resolution photograph of your spread and instructions for scheduling your 30 minute phone call to discuss the reading.

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