Jovial Moon Wash

Jovial Moon Wash

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Jovial Moon Wash is made with full moon charged water, therapeutic grade organic essential oils, organic soap, natural thickener, pink salt, food safe color, biodegradable glitter, and synthetic mica. Every bottle of Jovial Moon Wash comes with a beautiful turquoise Blue Apatite crystal inside. And that's not all!  One in four full sized bottles comes with a SURPRISE SAPPHIRE with Recordkeeper formations!  Will you be the lucky one?


The clean, citrusy, herbaceous, and woodsy aroma is the perfect pick me up for anyone's morning bathing ritual. It's also gentle enough to use as shampoo, makeup brush cleaner, and for hand washing your delicates.  As a bonus, your pretty lacy things will come out literally smelling like a dream and also sparkling!  Ka-zing!
Jovial is the adjective used to describe something with the magical characteristics of Jupiter. Jupiter magic is expansive, generous, warm, and happy. Jupiter has been called The Joybringer, which is something enjoyed by everyone in the rainbow.  Each bottle of Jovial Moon Wash is created during the day and hour of Jupiter to increase its Jovial properties.  Moon Wash is created without the use of harsh preservatives, so is best used within 1-2 months of purchase.
There will be a full line of planetary Moon Washes being released over the next year, so you can choose from all the colors of the rainbow... Even Saturnine black! 

Only a few bottles are produced each week due to the planetary cycles, so it may take up to a week to fulfill your order depending on demand.