Love Laserz

Love Laserz

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This listing is for a bottle of Ritual oil based on traditional recipes for Oil of Abramelin. I researched all the varying Abramelin recipes and chose to macerate raw powdered ingredients rather than using essential oils. After combining the herbs, resins, and oil, I allowed the concoction to macerate for many months under my altar. I would regularly take out the bottle to agitate the contents and at the same time perform ritual to imbue the oil with my power of Love. The bottle also contains rose quartz chips and biodegradable glitter making the oil itself a beautiful thing.  Give the bottle a shake and watch it shimmer and move in the light!

My intent with this sacred anointing oil is to harness and focus your powers to love things. This means you can use it to anoint yourself in an act of self-love or you can annoint a person to whom you would like to feel more love. The sweet aroma of fine olive oil, cinnamon, myrrh, and other rich biblical era spices will sneak into your nostrils and elevate your consciousness throughout your day.

But that's not all! You can get creative and anoint a picture or other symbolic representation of something in your life that needs more love such as your work or your home or even the whole biosphere! I find there is no lack of things in my life that could use more laser beams of love pointed at them.

All oils and spices used are of as natural, organic, and fine quality as I am able to obtain. Love Laserz smells delicious, but is best used externally.

For more information on the history and use of this magical unguent see here