"When I woke up the morning after the healing, I definitely felt the energy of the crystals flowing through my body. It was very noticeable, and I continued to actively feel the energies from the healing four days later. I could feel the energies gently repairing and helping my energy centers to be their best.

For the next few weeks following the healing, I went through a series of emotional awakenings. I realized I wasn’t as healthy as I thought I was, and there were blind spots in caring for myself. This healing has helped me to realize these issues and begin reflecting on them.

As for service, Flux is very professional. They were very clear in the process of the healing. First they outlined which crystals they picked and why, and what each crystal means. They asked if I approved of the crystals and method, which I appreciated. We then scheduled a time for the session that would work best for both of us. After the session, they gave me advice that their crystals provided during the healing. They were willing to answer questions at all times and provide additional advice to make sure I got the most out of the healing.

Flux is a very capable crystal healer and I highly recommend them!"

-Alistair Malachite


"Etheric Malachite was sent to me a little while ago so I've had enough time to compose some notes.

I noticed the energy when it came through pretty strongly, it put my guard down quite evidently and I felt some chills around the area of focus (heart-centered). From there I acknowledged feeling very open and expressive, like 'pouring my heart out', and a sense of becoming emotional but not physically so. This actually brought me to feel very balanced and aligned this evening, through a sort of clarity. I didn't realize that I wasn't functioning on that level tonight until I felt the difference. That fits because the recurring issue I'm working through on the heart has often manifested as a distraction to my senses.

Suddenly that morphed into a stillness of being, and then I began to feel a massively pleasant wave overtake the heart center, it definitely does feel like a healing application is in progress. Ultimately this culminated to bring me an experience of inner peace.

That influence on the heart moved up toward the throat and this again fits based on what I had mentioned privately to Flux, about how my heart problems dictate the ability to trust certain situations (the throat chakra dealing with truth amongst other things).

Later on when I think the influence was getting more thorough, I felt a little physical 'ping' on either side of the heart. At this point I believe if I had gone into a conscious meditation or trance I'd have been able to pick up on more detail of what was happening, I didn't as I had some things to do --but I can tell that it was becoming active on deeper levels. I also felt the residuals of that again in the throat.

I do believe based on what occurred that her application of the etheric crystal worked just as intended, I'm impressed! I'm not someone who is very into what people consider energy work, but I am known to engage with the spirits of elemental forces of our earth. The gemstone focus appeals to me given my love of these natural substances and I believe Flux very potently harnessed the genuine substance of the crystal for this. It doesn't feel like an imitation or an idea but real, grounded essence of the stone. To me that makes it a quality operation.

By the 24 hour mark I had noticed a continued deepening of this wave of 'calm' over the heart area and I felt less instinctively emotional when confronted with certain topics that have the potential to weigh heavily for me. I believe this is because there was less of the 'open wound' effect going on in the heart and more of a progressive energy happening --which does indeed contribute to the overall healing process.

So it was a fantastic experience. While it stops operating after the 24 hours, there is enough lingering from the initial impact that you could take advantage of and use to further any work you may do personally on the area of focus. This makes it a strong boost in the right direction."



"I want to say a huge thank you to Flux for the amazing positive healing crystal energy that was sent to me. I had a huge purge that night but have since felt like a different person! I had not been able to sleep longer than maybe 3 hours at a time in almost 5 years. Anyone who has had to deal with sporadic sleep patterns knows how draining they can be. After receiving that energy I have only woke once a night every night since and had deep restful sleep. I am so very very appreciative and would definitely recommend this to anyone. She can help with anything lol like seriously almost anything and it is super convenient because she sends the energy to you wherever you are.


- Holly L.


"A huge THANK YOU!! to Flux for my crystal healing. Both nights I’ve been able to sleep without any nightmares, I’m not finding myself waking up with crazy anxiety in the mornings. The past day+ have been very warm and comfortable with my blood pressure 30 points below my average, which is amazing ❤️I appreciate you and your amazing gifts. Thank you again!! I encourage anyone to ask her about ANY healing you may need ❤️"

-Bryana N.


"As a working musician, I am often faced with dry reserves of energy of all sorts, from creative to social to romantic, which has a drastically negative affect on my busy life. Flux listened intently to my wants and needs for my appointment, and crafted a very personal collection of clarifying crystals for my healing. Since this service was given in my own home, I was able to make myself completely comfortable with ease. I felt completely blissed out as Flux laid crystals on me, the moment the first was out at my ankle, I felt the world slow to a pace that could accommodate my healing. After the treatment was completed, I felt empowered and enamored with my sudden peace of mind and strength of spirit. Flux definitely knows their stuff, everything I asked to be worked on was suddenly flowing freely, unblocked. I highly recommend booking one of Flux’s services. It will attune your mind, body, and spirit to each other in a way I didn’t think possible, in a way that will make the rest of your life so much more pleasant. I don’t think you can give yourself better self care than in-home luxury crystal healing!"

- Olivia G.


"I started working with Flux probably in January or February and I took advantage of the free first session thinking that’s all I’d need to feel better but here we are 5 months later and I’ve probably had a healing session with her at least once a month and I can’t even describe to you all the amazingness that has come along with the powerful healing work that Flux does. If you’re feeling stuck or that you want more out of life but you don’t know how to get there trust that your body knows something energetically is off. That’s what I did and in just 5 months I’ve been able to transform my life. 💖💖💖"

- Lana


"I didn't fully know what to expect when I began crystal healing sessions with Flux; now I'm hooked! I have seen and felt measurable changes in my productivity, creativity, and ability to achieve my goals. The ways in which I've impeded my own progress and capability are melting away after very few sessions. Flux's demeanor as a healer is soothing and confident; they are warm, supportive, enthusiastic, and highly knowledgeable. I feel better about myself and my path in a surprisingly short time, and I can only marvel at where my upcoming sessions will take me. My life is demonstrably better and richer due to our sessions. I am now a believer in crystal healing and I am a huge fan of Flux!" -Lucretia H.

"What I like most about the crystal sessions with Flux is that she takes time to ask appropriate questions in order to determine what will help the most. The questions delve into all aspects of our beings including physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Her knowledge of the uses for crystals is phenomenal. With Flux I have experienced chakra cleansing, and attachment removal both of which were critical on my path to better health. Sessions with Flux are outstanding. I would also like to recommend her personal care products. They are the best I’ve encountered for my sensitive skin."

-Bonnie R.